10,000 MIles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey - Audiobook Narrated by Jason Rosette

The highly praised creative bootstrapping book ‘10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey’ (narrated by Jason Rosette) comes to the Audible audiobook platform after receiving numerous 5-star reviews on Kindle: http://bit.ly/10000-Miles-to-Go.

Narrated by Jason Rosette, ‘10,000 Miles to Go’ is a ‘must listen for any bootstrapping creative or entrepreneur’

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(Description from Audible) 10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey focuses on the making of an award winning contemporary feature film, which was successfully bootstrapped against monumental odds with near-zero funding, yet which made its way to numerous international sales and broadcasts and a place in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NYC, films collection.

From concept through worldwide international sales, 10,000 Miles to Go takes you through through the entire process – warts and all – stripping away the glamour of the movie business to reveal what it takes to bootstrap and execute an ambitious startup creative project with maximum impact on a minimal budget.

An essential book about filmmaking, movie and video directing, film editing, scriptwriting, and production, 10,000 Miles to Go is also a book which any startup entrepreneur or creative will find absolutely revealing and illuminating.

10,000 Miles to Go is a fascinating and insightful listen for all kinds of bootstrappers and entrepreneurs, whether working in media, business, creative fields, or tech startup areas! Told in a conversational and often humorous style, 10,000 Miles to Go is a real life chronicle and expression of what many of today’s creative and entrepreneurial types – in all fields – will encounter as they pursue their own particular dreams, ambitions, and explorations without much in the way of financial backing, safety nets, or safe-words for that matter.

With this audiobook, you will learn: 

  • How to understand the mindset and challenges of bootstrapping a project
  • How to use creativity and an asymmetrical (“guerilla”) approach in place of money
  • How to overcome psychological barriers, fear, and doubt during the process
  • How to navigate the “realpolitik” behind a project’s execution: the alliances, and the real dynamics of competition in the field
  • How to demystify the production process of a long form filmmaking venture
  • How to apply bootstrapping principles to your own business or project
  • How to exploit opportunities to the maximum, whatever field you may be working in!
  • How technological changes in any industry can have a massive impact on outcomes

Note: This audiobook is based upon real, unfiltered discussions with filmmaker and writer-director Jason Rosette (jasonrosette.com). All material is from the entrepreneur-filmmaker’s point of view – this audiobook includes plenty of exclusive stories you definitely won’t hear at film school! Whether making a film, a movie, writing a book, undertaking an edit of a production, listeners will learn what really goes into the shoot of a film or video project, and what it takes to direct as a filmmaker.

This is an audiobook on filmmaking for real indie filmmakers, allowing the maker to capture with a camera and effectively transmit a vision onto the screen – whether a project involves a lot of editing, a new director still learning techniques, or a seasoned producer shooting a script or slate of movies for digital distribution.