JASON ROSETTE: Multimedia Producer * Filmmaker * Educator

Multimedia Producer Filmmaker Educator: Writer-Director & Filmmaker Jason Rosette, shooting a documentary awareness video in Cambodia for SCD Cambodia
Multimedia producer filmmaker and educator Jason Rosette has over two decades experience producing film, video, digital, audio, and multimedia in the USA & internationally. He has worked as a filmmaker in New York, a filmmaker in Cambodia and Thailand, a filmmaker in San Francisco, and a filmmaker in the ASEAN (Southeast Asia) region.
As an educator, Jason has taught digital media production, video production, design and art history, academic writing, communications, reearch methodology, and EFL/ESP/ESL.
He is the founder and principal producer at Camerado Media. Projects include documentaries, scripted features and episodic, promotional and branding videos, PSAs, advocacy videos, and more.
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Very talented Producer, Director and Actor. Superior contact for South East Asia.

~ Alan Swain, Location Manager

"Jason was a pleasure to work with. Not only was the audio quality top notch, but his professionalism and efficiency helped us stay on task and create an audiobook that we are proud of. I would totally recommend Jason's services to anyone who is looking to create an audiobook." - Jeff Mack (Audiobook Producer, Sounds True Inc.)

I had the pleasure of working with Jason while developing the ScheduleMessage project together. As the core developer of the project, I was impressed by his ability to transfer project management skills effectiviely from his experience as a media and video-film producer to the area of web application development.

~ Selcuk Ayguney, Software Developer

Jason is a very dedicated film producer who have creative imagination while keeping the structure and feel of the real world intact.

~ Wicky S, Web Developer

Jason is a great director and film maker, very talented and professional.

- David Arcos, Photographer / Design Professor

Jason is a brilliant, original, and versatile artist. The work he produces shows his outstanding political and social commitment.

- Tiziana Rinaldi, Life Coach / Novelist

Working with Jason "Camerado" Rosette is a great experience. He's a writer/director/producer with vision, mental and emotional acuity and a real sense of enjoyment in his work that he imparts to his cast and crew.

- Christopher Hagen, Actor (SAG-AFTRA)

Jason is a talented and creative director/producer whose work in unfailingly innovative and who can deal with any conditions thrown at him with patience, persistence and the drive to get the project done.

- Tracey Rosenberg, Executive Director at Media Alliance

Jason has an inordinate ability to open doors through logic, guts and never taking "no" for an answer.

- Richard Lawes, Location Thailand Ltd.

Jason is a very experienced and talented producer/director who is very well-versed in all areas of the film-making process. From pre-production to post-production, he is always able to create and tell great stories in his projects even under the most difficult circumstances.

- Giacomo Ambrosini, Film Editor

On behalf of Conservation International (CI), a global non-government conservation organization, I wish to acknowledge the excellent work of Jason Rosette, who led the production of the film The Cardamoms. Have Forest, Have Life

- Dr. Wayne McCallum, Community Engagement Advisor, Conservation International

I do not hesitate to certify Mr. Jason Rosette with his performance and capacity in implementing the job. According to the above notification, he is loyal, very kind person. He managed to be deserved and accepted to work in any organizations or companies which need such resourced staff.

- KEUT MATTROHET, Representative Y.A.H.R.D  youth group

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