Hi, I'm Jason Rosette: Executive Voice Coach for Professionals

"Absolutely wonderful coach! Tailor-suits his approach depending on my specific needs! Highly recommended!" - Kathryn B (Data Analyst and Business Consultant)
"Jason is one of the best tutors I ever met. He is kind and has a strong enthusiasm in every aspect. And especially, his tone and voice is a professional American accent. Suppose you are looking for anyone to help to improve your English. I would recommend Jason to be the priority to consider." - Mah, Thailand (International Business Lecturer)
"Jason has been helping me over the last few months with my public speaking, and he is a very good tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional, is able to give targeted advice and strategies that can be put into practice right away. His teaching style is relaxed and he is very approachable. I highly recommend him!" - Christina O, Australia (Art Curator & MFA Scholar)
"Jason is an excellent tutor! Precise, communicative, with great teaching skills. I am very glad, that I found him as a teacher. Every lesson with him is a mere delight. Very highly recommended! :-)" - Adasa, Israel (Doctor, Medical Sector)
"Speaking in public is a very broad concept in terms of skills, as it entails the whole process, from preparation to delivery. I am finding it very helpful to work with Jason, as he goes through the process with you, spotting challenges and difficulties and assigning tasks to tackle them. He is both analytical and practical in his approach, and he engages with your needs and the material you work with to help you find the best strategy." - Roser, UK (Graduate Student/ Thesis Presenter)
"A fantastic teacher!" - Deborah Z, Italy (Tour Guide)
"Jason is very professional and passionate. He spends time to understand what exactly the needs are and he is tailoring the lessons accordingly. He keeps the right balance between trying to address long term challenges with short term tips and fixes. It's a pleasure to have Jason as my tutor!" - Maria S, Greece (Proctor and Gamble, Int. Communications)

Executive Voice Coach with Media & Educator Background

In addition to being an award winning filmmaker and multimedia producer, I'm also a long-time communications practitioner and trainer with a background in voiceovers, talent direction in visual and audio media, Public Speaking & ESL Teaching (*CELTA qualified, with experience in pronunciation and intonation), live vocal performance in music, and audio production.

These skill sets have all converged over the years to be very useful in assisting professional and executive clients with their vocal needs in presentations and public speaking environments!

I Assist With:
  • Intonation and vocal dynamics
  • Audio waveform analysis & diagnostic of your speaking voice
  • Multi-cultural and cross-functional communication
  • Structuring presentations
  • Leveraging audio, video & lighting for podcasting and remote meetings
  • Finding your natural 'power voice'!
  • Preparing for and rehearsing presentations
  • Microphone delivery techniques for podcasting and audio blogs
  • Vocal care, conditioning and warmups
  • Global business communication
  • Intercultural communication
  • ...and more!

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Executive Voice Coach: Background

Jason Rosette taught academic writing, public speaking, and related areas at Universities in Asia I first started teaching presentation skills and public speaking in international university environments in 2017, as a natural outgrowth of these overlapping disciplines.

Since that time, I've expanded beyond academia and into the professional world - tutoring and coaching scores of professionals who all need to hone their presentation skills.

To date, I've worked with clients in IT, hospitality, executive / C-suite, academia, marketing and many other areas - all of whom sought to improve their vocalization in presentations and public speaking.

Face to Face & In-Person:

With the arrival of the Covid pandemic, I began working remotely with a wide range of industry department heads and staff on virtual presentation techniques, since this became the primary means of presentation delivery at the time. I discovered that my technical background in audio and video production (including lighting, sound and camera components) all played a crucial role in improving the remote presentations of my clients.

Even so, the heart of any presentation is an ancient one: The Voice. And that's where we always start, whether preparing for remote/virtual or in-person presenting!

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