The Impromptu Speaker’s Toolkit (Book & eBook by Jason Rosette)

Do you want to confidently deliver impromptu presentations and speeches that captivate your audience? The Impromptu Speaker’s Toolkit provides you with two powerful mental frameworks that will transform your ability to think on your feet and communicate effectively in any situation. Get it now on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/3wSpkSb A Valuable Toolkit for All Public Speakers PREP Framework: Learn a simple yet powerful structure for organizing your thoughts quickly and delivering clear, concise messages on the fly. TREET Method: Discover a versatile five-step framework that guides you through crafting engaging and impactful impromptu speeches, even under pressure. Adaptability: Develop the skills to tailor your message…


’25th Century Crooner’: a New Multi-Artist EP Produced by Jason Rosette

'25th Century Crooner': a 6 Track Music EP Produced by Jason Rosette of Camerado Media

’25th Century Crooner’: a New Dual-Artist Music EP Produced by Jason Rosette of Camerado Media LISTEN to ’25th Century Crooner’ Here: Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3MVOlk4 Apple Music: https://apple.co/3Rd1Zlu TIDAL (High bitrate stream) https://bit.ly/25th-Century-Crooner-TIDAL Amazon Music: https://amzn.to/40RXuA0 Youtube: https://bit.ly/25th-Century-Crooner-YT … & many other platforms! * Visit www.linktr.ee/robertmarleigh for custom MP3 album with artwork and extras, directly from the artist! Camerado producer Jason Rosette is pleased to announce the release of the multi-artist EP titled “25th Century Crooner,” which features the talents of crooner and male vocalist Robert Marleigh and singer-songwriter Gone Marshall. Press Release HERE (@PRlog.com) EPK/One Sheet (PDF), Below '25th Century Crooner'…