Look out for me as the voice of the cop in the animated caper comedy, ‘Senior’s Payday’

I’m the cop in a new comedic animated short, ‘Senior’s Payday’.   This was a fun voiceover job, with lots of non-word sounds used to convey the story (sighs, grunts, question-groans, etc – “Huh?”). I recorded at my home studio, and delivered with minor mastering with multiple takes and reactions. When it’s finished, will post a link to it in a future post, and / or in my performer – voiceover page Contact me with any voiceover or narration inquiries – working remotely with or without direction. #VO #VA #Voiceover #Voiceactor #animation #cartoon #copactor #voiceperformer #jasonrosette #caper #crime #comedyvideos


I’ve been cast as a Joker-like evil henchman in a web comic

Have just been cast as the Joker-like Evil Henchman in an upcoming motion comic webtoon series: (Description) “The evil henchman of the mysterious big bad, he’s been watching our heroes for quite some time now and has finally made his move….” Check out my VO & Performer page on my website @ https://jasonrosette.com/performer/