Ever since coming out to the ASEAN region in 2005 from the US, I’ve found it necessary to wear several hats while working in the industry here; for example, the talent and casting industry is generally not dense enough to rely upon for full time work, and so it is often with video editing and production.

As a result, I’ve found that my state side voiceover training and experience has come in very handy for a number of productions, with clients ranging from USAID/DAI, Oxfam America and various other NGOs – all the way through to private sector clients.

Basically, it’s rare to find trained cast-able talent out here, so I’ve been lucky enough to come through with that skill set for regional and local producers alike.  I can and do deliver remotely, working via Dropbox of other cloud platform as required…take for instance this recent narration I did for an explainer video for ‘Persona Tool’, an online Hide my IP type service:

The client for this job was located in Ireland, while I’m in ASEAN-APAC in Southeast Asia. Even so, we were able to work remotely, and effectively, using my local mic and hardware with basic engineering and EQ provided before delivering to Dropbox.

I’m a writer-director and producer working in the USA and ASEAN-APAC in Asia; but thanks to the cloud, I was able to provide Persona Tool some fresh, conversational neutral American accent Voiceover for their explainer video.

As long as I’m not on a plane or in a cab: I can deliver – drop me a line to discuss further! (*and of course, can edit video, produce, develop scripts and screenplays

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