Solid reviews continue to stack up for US-Asia based filmmaker & producer Jason Rosette’s movie and filmmaking eBook, ‘10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey‘ – now released in a sparkling new ‘Indigo Blue Edition!’:

Filmmaking eBook '10,000 MIles to Go' by writer-director Jason 'Camerado' Rosette

on March 26, 2016
“Any fan of the great documentary “Book Wars” by Jason Rosette or loves documentary film should read 10,000 miles to go. The author gives an insider view of independent film making in the days before Camera Phones and Laptop Editing. Jason explains the dedication and pitfalls of trying to produce a film on no budget as well as explaining some of the intricacies of sidewalk book selling in New York City and the challenges of filming that world. The author also bravely talks about “mobbing” in the entertainment industry and attempts to sabotage the filming of “Book Wars” and the stark realities of being an independent film makers. A must for anyone thinking about producing their own micro budget film. I look forward to reading more about Jason’s journeys making “Lost in New Mexico” and “Freedom Deal”, which are two more films by this one man dynamo of micro budget film making that I would recommend.”
on March 10, 2016
I first heard of Jason after seeing his quirky sci-fi movie Lost In New Mexico and followed his exploits since. He reminds me a lot of Rex Pickett author of Sideways in many ways.
10,000 Miles To Go puts it right there warts and all. No warm fuzzies about a filmmaker’s journey, no red carpet glamor, just the hard cold facts. It’s a struggle and the survival of the fittest even for those well connected so those of a shoestring pay attention.
Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker or want to be the next lunch truck star a quick read may put you in the right pass of turning your vision into a reality because a dose of this book is going to go a long way into helping you get there.”
on March 4, 2016
I read this book in one sitting intrigued by the story of Jason Rosette and his mission to bring his documentary film “Bookwars” to completion despite formidable obstacles. I recommend it to all those embarking on an artistic or entrepreneurial career. Mr. Rosette will quickly dispel any illusions that it will be smooth sailing for any but those well-connected. I recommend it also to those who have already been through the mill, for they will see their own struggles reflected in Rosette’s “bootstrapping” (as he calls it). You will see that you are not the only one who has felt like Sisyphus simply trying to bring a stone to the hilltop then having Someone or Something toss it back down to the bottom. If you are like Mr. Rosette during the course of his stone-rolling, you will simply take up your burden again. The outstanding thing is that, looking back on the experience, Rosette though embattled is never embittered. “10,000 miles to Go” can be most fully enjoyed having first viewed “Bookwars,” a gritty, tell-it-like-it-is portrayal of the life of sidewalk booksellers on the streets of New York.

on April 15, 2016

Writer, actor, narrator, filmmaker, Jason Rosette is a man of many talents, but, moreover, total dedication and extreme hard work. Within seconds of watching the opening sequence in Bookwars I knew it was a documentary I would love. It revealed to us the hitherto unknown story of a fascinating New York street subculture, the second-hand book sellers, and the lengths they will go to in all weathers to earn – quite often a descent – buck. Watching the gritty, beat-esque, mostly hand-cammed production, complemented by Jason’s suitably laconic voiceover, it never occurred to me just how much went into crafting the final movie product. I assumed it was filmed ad hoc and never gave a thought to how it was edited. Of course, these were the days before smartphones with high-definition video, state-of-the-art PC’s and sophisticated editing software. So it was a much bigger task to get the final takes edited on borrowed equipment across the vast divide of the USA than it was to complete the filming itself. This book summed up this supreme effort up for the reader in a logical and enjoyable sequence, giving insight into the film world and Jason’s motivation and character. A must read for anyone who is serious about the arts.”

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