Singer-songwriter Gone Marshall, produced by Jason Rosette

Jason Rosette: Music Producer & Musician

Today, I wanted to shed some light on the various aspects of my creative journey that you might not be familiar with. While many know me primarily as a creator, filmmaker, VO performer, and educator, there's more to my story than meets the eye.

First off, I'd like to share a lesser-known facet of my background – my experience as a music producer and performer. Beyond my work in film and education, I've been deeply involved in composing and performing music for quite some time.

In fact, I've produced alternative rock as a singer-songwriter under the moniker Gone Marshall (*and the variation, The Gone Marshall), since 2007. You can catch some of my tracks on platforms like YouTube and Spotify, and some my original tracks have found their way into various film and multimedia projects.

Jason Rosette performs as a crooner of standards and classics by Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennet and others | recently, I've shifted gears towards a different musical direction – vintage crooning. Drawing inspiration from legends like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Ella Fitzgerald, I've been exploring this timeless style and carving out my niche under the stage name, Robert Marleigh.

The Robert Marleigh experience has been a journey that's been unfolding for about two years now, allowing me to grow vocally and delve deeper into the nuances of this genre.

Now, you might be wondering why I've adopted two distinct identities – "Gone Marshall" for alternative rock and "Robert Marlay" for vintage crooning. Some folks have here's the explanation:

The rationale behind this decision boils down to creating differentiation in the marketplace.

Stage names have always been used in entertainment ('Lady Gaga' [Real name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta], 'Bruno Mars' [Real name: Peter Gene Hernandez], and countless others.

Additionally, in today's digitally-driven age, maintaining separate identities helps streamline search results and ensures that people find exactly what they're looking for.

Whether it's a media project or a live performance, keeping these personas distinct has proven to be practical from both a branding and project management standpoint.

There's often skepticism in creative industries about individuals juggling multiple roles effectively. However, with proper time management and dedication, it's entirely possible to excel in various creative endeavors.

For me, keeping these pursuits separate – Robert Marleigh, Gone Marshall, and my 'own' activities as Jason Rosette - has been a strategic decision to navigate the complexities of finding work and managing projects.

Multimedia Producer/Educator Jason Rosette sings vintage and classic standards, including 'One for My Baby', made famous by Frank SInatraThat being said, I do release some music under my own name as well, forging a subtle link between my different personas.

(Take for instance my vocal rendition of the vintage track, 'One For My Baby', made famous by Sinatra and others)

Ultimately, the decision to share these insights comes from a desire to address the questions that some folks have had about my creative process.

So there you have it – a glimpse into the multifaceted world of a creative journey 🙂

Until next time, all the best!