'Seven Steps West': a New Song from the Gone Marshall Music Project

I'm happy to announce that a song I produced for the Gone Marshall music project, the Alternative Folk / Alt-Country, Buddhist and Spaghetti Western-Inspired ‘Seven Steps West’, is now available for presave on Spotify at http://ffm.to/seven-steps-west

Pre-save and Add ‘Seven Steps West’ to your Spotify playlist HERE

'Seven Steps West' is a song by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall, and is produced by Jason Rosette of Camerado MediaThis striking new alternative folk / alt-country song delivers a sound and feeling somewhere between Nico (Velvet Underground) and the American Recordings albums of Johnny Cash.

“Lyrically, the song is the story of a boy who never knew his father” explains Gone Marshall. “The father left when the child was a just a baby, leaving his mother to fend for her son without any support.

Evolved States

‘Seven Steps West’ goes a bit further than this though The title alludes to highly evolved states in human spiritual and psychic development, via the seven step journey in yogic traditions of Buddhism, the local religion where the hero of the song (the boy) was born.

According to Buddhist tradition, when reborn for his final incarnation, the Buddha took seven steps north as an expression of enlightenment.  He then took seven steps in the other cardinal directions, with his final steps being to the west. These seven steps represent how the infant would transcend the six realms of suffering and take the extra step into the awakened life that is the Buddha’s.

Although Eastern cultures are known to identify the West as the mythological place of death, in the American vision the west is associated with the frontier, and the notion of new beginnings – something akin to a kind of rebirth. So, I felt that this Americana western sound was appropriate for the song.

Ultimate Destiny

Ultimately, walking seven steps is a metaphor which implies enlightenment (Nirvana) as the ultimate destiny. With ‘Seven Steps West’, the song is intended to lead the boy – the unrealized seeker – to a final resolution with the missing father figure. Meanwhile, the musical foundations carry us with him to the mythological American West – the land of new beginnings.”

Singer-songwriter Gone Marshall’s latest track, ‘Seven Steps West’ is set to release on February 4th, 2022 on all platforms.

Listeners can pre-save and asve the song now on Spotify at https://ffm.to/seven-steps-west

‘Seven Steps West’ is produced by Jason Rosette of Camerado Media

Direct link to Spotify save and pre-save: https://ffm.to/seven-steps-west