Writer-Director & Media maker Jason Rosette has been quite busy these days...Many colleagues have asked why I’ve been so busy these past 3.5-4 months, with basically just one night off a week. Well here’s the answer: TEACHING (Art & Digital Media) & MUSIC PRODUCTION.

I’m currently teaching the following at two different art colleges: Art History 1 (Pre-Renaissance); Cinematography and Advanced Nonlinear Editing with Premiere Pro; Interaction Design with Unity, Mockplus, and other platforms; Motion Graphics (mainly After Effects); 3d Modeling with Blender; and Photoshop.

And that’s just one term…. any other wedges of time go towards promoting the previous record (‘Argosy’ – latest original EP by Gone Marshall www.gonemarshall.com, which can be found on Spotify HERE & Apple Music HERE), and arranging and prepping new tracks for the next release, to be recorded sometime this Spring.

Will be more free again in a couple months though, so let’s get together then!

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