Ongoing list of titles with audiobook narration by Jason Rosette (Male, Adult, General American Accent). Titles include both fiction and nonfiction, with characters and otherwise.


'I Will Rot Without You' - Fiction Audiobook; Written by Danger Slater | Meet Ernie. His life is a mess. Gretchen's gone, and the apartment they once shared in this grey, grim city is now overrun with intelligent mold and sinister bugs | Coming soon to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!


'A Journey Through Memory' - Fiction Audiobook; Written by Fallacious fiction | They parted ways, not because he didn’t love her, but because he didn’t know how to love her. She was now a thousand miles away. Burdened by their separation, he buried his loneliness in his hobbies. But then the zombies came | Coming soon to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!



'As the Way Comes' - Audiobook by Matthew Gerges; narrated by Jason Rosette'As the Way Comes' - Fiction audiobook; Written by Matthew Gerges | What do you do when all your life you simply didn't care about anything and suddenly you're dragged into a world of lust, drugs, and ultimately a very different world than you're used to? Things are not as they seem in this exciting short story of manipulation and deception. | Listen on Audible



'Final Countdown: The Trigger' (Episode 1) - Audiobook narrated by Jason Rosette'Final Countdown: The Trigger (Episode 1)' - Fiction audiobook ; Written by William Grabowski et al. | Two hilarious hard-luck traveling salesmen in the Southwestern USA become accidental outlaws when their counterfeit Mexican kitchen products go murderously and hilariously haywire! | Listen on Audible




10,000 MIles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey - Audiobook Narrated by Jason Rosette'10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey' - Nonfiction audiobook; Written by William Grabowski et al. | An essential book about filmmaking, movie and video directing, film editing, scriptwriting, and production, 10,000 Miles to Go is also a book which any startup entrepreneur or creative will find absolutely revealing and illuminating! | Listen on Audible



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