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Participate and Contribute to our next feature, FREEDOM DEAL

1 May

We’re now raising funds to produce a short based on the feature screenplay; this standalone short will circulate and fests and elsewhere to help generate further interest and budget inputs to produce the full length feature; participate in the production through our portal on IndieGogo.

Cambodian government supports 3rd feature, FREEDOM DEAL

9 Dec

The director of the Department of Cinema and Cultural Diffusion in Phnom Penh has provided the following statement of support for Camerado SE Asia’s upcoming Cambodia-set feature drama, FREEDOM DEAL: the Story of Samnang (currently in active development – J Rosette, writer, producer and co-director)

Dear Mr. Jason,
I am very pleased having received the script of FREEDOM DEAL “The Story of Samnang”. 
The Department of Cinema and Cultural Diffusion totally supports your initiation into film production.
I hope that Camerado Movie and Media Production will succeed in producing this film.
I have the great pleasure in assisting and collaborating with you.
Mr. Sin Chan Saya
Department of Cinema and Cultural Diffusion
With no objectionable content in the story or screenplay, international collaborators, investors, and production partners are able to remain fully confident in the production’s ability to operate in Cambodia – contact with inquries.
Get more information about FREEDOM DEAL at: