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Script Doctoring a new Sci-Fi Themed Screenplay Project

22 Jul

Now #script doctoring a sci-fi themed screenplay for a North American production company – fun to get back into Final Draft screenwriter mode and work with genre-based entertainment content again!

Jason Rosette: Screenplay writer and Script Doctor working on Sci-Fi themed project, July 2017

360 Degree Video Documentary Journalism – ‘BRICKWORKS 360’

27 May

Work in progress clip of a 360 video documentary ‘Brickworks 360‘ by Jason Rosette, a multimedia journalism project about brick factories in the ASEAN-APAC region of Southeast Asia and the workers who labor within.

Called ‘Brickworks 360’, these episodic chapters will be part of a total long form 360 VR journalism project exploring this issue within the the ASEAN-APAC region of Asia.

Contact Camerado Media with inquiries

New 360 Video Productions & More by Jason Rosette, a Filmmaker & Educator working in Asia and the USA

9 Apr

The past couple months have been busy, with a mix of standard HD and 4K video production, still photography, and some new and interesting 360 video productions. Take a look below at a few 360 degree videos by filmmaker & educator Jason Rosette, working in the USA and the ASEAN-APAC region of Asia:

‘Shwedagon 360’ – Myanmar (by Jason Rosette)

This was an interesting 360 video production, produced on location in 2017 at the famed and gilded Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. Although I am a filmmaker and writer-director, I also have a significant educator background, and I worked with the US Department of State at the US Embassy’s American Center in Yangon between 2013-2014. Several of my former students remained on hand to assist with this and other productions, and continue to lend a hand with visiting production efforts as fixers and translators.

‘Cambodia Baker Boyzzz’ – Cambodia (by Jason Rosette) 

This video was shot at my favorite old-skool vintage bakery in Kampot, Cambodia, where I have been stopping in to buy fresh baked baguettes over nearly a decade. I figured this would be a nice way to reveal some ‘behind the scenes’ action in a little-explored slice of life of that small provincial Cambodian town.

‘360 with Mr. J’ – Thailand Interview with Novelist Harlan Wolff

I undertook this interview with noted novelist Harlan Wolff at his apartment in Bangkok, Thailand.  As a regional ASEAN-Asia media practitioner, I have lived and worked in Bangkok for a couple years between 2010 and 2013: teaching media production at a local University, running an independent film festival (the Bangkok IndieFest), editing scripted dramas, working in production, and doing script writing with a local animation company.

This interview with Harlan was a very unique way to undertake and host an segment which normally would have required multiple cameras.. hence the name of the show, 360 with Mr. J’.

Plenty more videos, stills, and other media to talk about in future entries! Be sure to ontact Jason Rosette with 360 Video, HD & 4K video, and production service inquiries in ASEAN-Asia and the USA

Underwater Music Video Produced by Jason Rosette in Asia, ‘GO ON’

6 Sep

Underwater music video ‘GO ON’ I produced and shot in a series of underwater lagoons off the coast of Cambodia for neopsych alt-rocker, Gone Marshall. I hold an advanced open water diving certification, although this was quite shallow water (though at times the tides were tricky). The video features some trippy VR-like textures and scenes…enjoy! Contact me  (Jason Rosette) for shooting, editing, and producing film and video in the ASEAN-APAC region.


Jason Rosette: Producer of Web Videos for Marketing, Business and Instruction

17 Aug

Filmmaker, Writer-Director and producer Jason Rosette also creates web videos for business, SEO, lead generation marketing, education, education, training, and more in ASEAN & USA, via production house Camerado Media

Camerado produces and edits web video, marketing videos for business, music videos, spots, promos and more with global delivery by Cloud

Effective web video is more essential for business now than ever before. Camerado Media producer, writer-director and filmmaker Jason Rosette delivers content worldwide by cloud or FTP; working in the USA and ASEAN-APAC region of Asia, with local Asia clients in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and beyond.

Contact Jason Rosette to develop your web video concept, develop the script, produce, shoot, and license materials, and deliver content by Dropbox, Onedrive, or other cloud or FTP platform. // Email // LINE  jasonrosette // GLOBAL PHONE: 1-866-959-3363


Updated Voiceover Reel for Jason Rosette, working in the USA and Asia

22 Apr

Updated commercial plus+ voiceover reel for Jason Rosette, working in the USA and Asia.  Reading with a conversational but flexible neutral male American accent, Jason Rosette is one of the few trained English language voiceover talents in the ASEAN-APAC region in his niche:

Jason Rosette has over a decade of experience doing voiceover narrations, promos, radio & TV spots, explainer videos, audio book segments and more; in the ASEAN-APAC region, he has delivered voiceover (VO) for clients in New York City, LA, San Francisco, New Mexico, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam, with plenty more delivered internationally by Dropbox and cloud.

Contact Jason Rosette with requests for commercial voiceover,s, narrations, spots, ads, promos, and more at:  LINE   jasonrosette   SKYPE   kingcamerado   EMAIL

Recent VO (Voiceover) Job for ASEAN-APAC Producer & Writer-Director Jason ‘Camerado’ Rosette

18 Apr

Ever since coming out to the ASEAN region in 2005 from the US, I’ve found it necessary to wear several hats while working in the industry here; for example, the talent and casting industry is generally not dense enough to rely upon for full time work, and so it is often with video editing and production.

As a result, I’ve found that my state side voiceover training and experience has come in very handy for a number of productions, with clients ranging from USAID/DAI, Oxfam America and various other NGOs – all the way through to private sector clients.

Basically, it’s rare to find trained cast-able talent out here, so I’ve been lucky enough to come through with that skill set for regional and local producers alike.  I can and do deliver remotely, working via Dropbox of other cloud platform as required…take for instance this recent narration I did for an explainer video for ‘Persona Tool’, an online Hide my IP type service:

The client for this job was located in Ireland, while I’m in ASEAN-APAC in Southeast Asia. Even so, we were able to work remotely, and effectively, using my local mic and hardware with basic engineering and EQ provided before delivering to Dropbox.

I’m a writer-director and producer working in the USA and ASEAN-APAC in Asia; but thanks to the cloud, I was able to provide Persona Tool some fresh, conversational neutral American accent Voiceover for their explainer video.

As long as I’m not on a plane or in a cab: I can deliver – drop me a line to discuss further! (*and of course, can edit video, produce, develop scripts and screenplays

Contact Jason Rosette at Camerado Media by email at, by Line at, or on Skype at  kingcamerado






Have been super busy for a long time – more updates coming soon

18 Dec

Have been quite busy for along time and completely forgot to make any updates in a while – most photography, music, and instructional activity versus along form movie action. Will do some catching up shortly with a string of newsworthy stuff / All the Best!

6 Mar

Jason Rosette’s recently completed supernatural historical drama, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky – set along the Cambodia-Vietnam border in 1970 during the Vietnam War – is now available to watch instantly on Amazon Instant Video!

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'FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky'

Supernatural Asian Historical Drama

Produced by Camerado in Cambodia, SE Asia

Written, Directed and Edited by

Jason Rosette (aka 'Jack RO')

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Time Lapse short, ‘BANGKOK TRAFFIC’ by J Rosette to screen at 2013 Florida Film Festival

8 Mar

J Rosette’s Time Lapse short, ‘BANGKOK TRAFFIC’ to screen at 2013 Florida Film Festival in April; see for details